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Dave McNamee 10K Memorial Run 29th April 2018. Part of the Gloucestershire AAA Road Race Series 2018 Results(pdf), Prizes(pdf)

Sunday 27th May 2018: Boddington Marathon (results pdf, prizes xls) & 50K Run (results pdf, prizes xls) & 10k(results pdf, prizes xls)

Thursday 19th July 2018 Gloucester 5K Run (RESULTS-PDF) Part of the Gloucestershire AAA Road Race Series 2018 Incorporates the Gloucestershire AAA 5Km Road Race Championship

Gloucester 10 Mile Run on Sunday 30th December 2018 RESULTS,

We sincerely apologise to the runners who were directed off course at the Gloucester 10 Mile Road Race on Sunday 28th December 2018. A full investigation is taking place and we are changing the course for this event so the runners do not have to run an section of the course up one side of the road and down the other side of the road

Future Events:

Gloucester Marathon- Sunday 20 January 2019 ( Enter, info, FREE ELITE ENTRY!), 50k Run ( Enter, info, FREE ELITE ENTRY!)
and Half Marathon ( Enter, info , FREE ELITE ENTRY!) -

City of Gloucester 10k - Sunday 19 May 2019, (enter See event website for info:

Dave McNamee 10k Memorial Run - Sunday 23 June 2019 at Boddington, Nr Cheltenham, Glos - (Enter, Info)

Boddington Marathon (Enter, info) and 50k Run (Enter, info) - Sunday 23 Jun 2019

Gloucester 5k Run - Thursday 1 August 2019 , Haresfield Glos- goes live Mon 4 Feb 2019

Gloucester 10k Run - Sunday 24 Nov 2019 - goes live Mon 18 Feb 2019

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